Nikki Billingham – “A Final Farewell”

A celebration of life

Planning a funeral service is never easy, when you lose someone you love, it is a heart-breaking time. My role is to help you through this, step by step we will work together and create a unique, personal and meaningful ceremony giving a true reflection of your loved ones life.

We will have an initial telephone conversation to arrange a suitable time to either meet face to face, arrange a video/zoom call or via telephone and email – whichever method you feel most comfortable with.

I will spend as much time with you as needed to ensure the ceremony is how you and your loved one would have wanted.

We will start from the beginning and work our way through their life, recognising any special relationships, quirks, hobbies and passions they have.

kind words

Nikki I Just want to say thank you again for yesterday.

The words were perfect and the whole service was lovely. It means a lot to feel you have a genuine connection with someone who is talking about your loved one.
Take care

Christine xx - Cottingley Hall Crematorium 14th July 2021

From there I will guide you through the process and help make your loved ones ceremony a celebration of their life. Celebrating and honouring their life, journey and achievements. I will share their story and all that was so very special about them. Remembering all the good times, and the happy times you have shared together.
I have the privilege of writing their tribute with care and compassion, personalising and delivering a celebration of your loved ones life. The ceremony can include readings/poems, music, a slideshow and can be secular or include any religious elements or rituals you would like.
I will send a draft service over before the ceremony to give you time to peruse and ensure you are happy with what will happen on the day.

I am available anytime of the day or night if you need to speak to me leading up to and beyond the ceremony.

Price £220* burial or cremation


*Premium for weekend dates

A memorial service

A memorial services is a very similar process to the above and can be held in any setting of your choosing. Again, this would be a celebration of your loved ones life without the burial or cremation.
It can be held at a graveside or cemetery and we can make it a peaceful service with or without any religious connotations.
It can be held at your family home, or maybe your loved ones favourite location – lakeside / woodland / venue or a place of special significance to your loved one. This could be themed to your loved ones personality and decorated accordingly if required. There are many options to make your loved ones memorial unique and special and I will help guide you through every step of the process.
A memorial service is a very important time; some people want to spend the time in quiet contemplation remembering their loved ones life. Some people like make it a huge celebration.
Together we can arrange a memorial for your loved one in a way that suits you and your loved ones.
Price £220*
*Premium for weekend dates

Scattering of ashes (interment)

This can bring closure to your loved ones friends and family. By scattering your loved ones ashes in a permanent place. It could be at a location of special meaning to your loved one, grave yard or at the sea/into a river wherever it maybe. This can be included within the memorial service for the same fee or if you would like this as a separate stand-alone service the fee is £75*.

*Premium for weekend dates

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